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How can I achieve a more sustainable sex life and help save the planet?

  • April 20, 2021
  • by Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh, Founders HANX

Is your sex life sustainable? What’s in your bedside drawer? Do you use Fair Rubber condoms? These are a few things you might not have previously considered when it comes to getting it on – but as we all look to a more sustainable and healthy future, it’s time to make the impact of our sex lives part of the conversation.

Hanx Founders

Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh created HANX in response to the state of the sexual wellness industry, which has many areas for improvement, with sustainability and health considerations being key. They constantly innovate to create new options for consumers.

Historically, condoms were made from lamb intestine – which is porous and does not protect from STIs. HANX condoms do not contain casein, an animal protein usually found in condoms. Instead, they have turned to the natural world and use thistle extract to create the silky smooth feeling. Additionally, the product is a cruelty free, never having been tested on animals, which means it is fully vegan certified.

Other sexual wellness products can be a surprise in unwanted ways!

It’s not just condoms that HANX are tackling. Here’s the thing with lubricant: some of the most popular options on the market just aren’t up to vegan standards. They can contain lactoperoxidase, an enzyme derived from dairy, and some depend on the work of honeybees in their manufacturing process. Naturally HANX worked to create a solution that is inclusive, plant-based and of the highest quality.  The result is a lubricant that is vegan certified and made from just seven ingredients. There are no mystery lists here!

Supporting sexual wellness – designed by women, with women’s needs in mind

HANX has broken new ground and is working to address the stigma that stop women from feeling embarrassed about carrying condoms which have been largely up to now been designed by men, for men.

The male condom is the single most effective contraceptive that protects against sexually transmitted infections and HANX have designed a product so women can feel comfortable buying, carrying and using them. This is a welcome wake up call for the industry and women’s health.

Ethics, transparency and quality are critical for a ‘wellbeing’ product!

HANX only uses sustainably sourced latex and the condoms are ethically made in Germany out of natural and Fair Rubber latex, meaning the latex plant workers get a fair wage and safe working conditions.

How to make the ‘feel good’ factor last – sustainably

HANX makes sure customers can dispose of the condoms in a conscious manner, with as few hurdles as possible and differentiate from the latex-free condoms available on the market that are made from polyurethane and polyisoprene – types of plastic that are not biodegradable. HANX condoms decompose under the influence of light and oxygen, and importantly, can be disposed of in household waste or compost. Depending on the temperature and light influence, the condom begins to decompose after about 3 months.

Farah and Sarah are co-founders of HANX, a brand dedicated to creating a range of sexual health products that are gynaecologist approved and designed to sit unashamedly in our bags and on our bedside tables. You can access HANX products and other information here.