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How many new UK food products launched are vegan?

  • March 8, 2020
  • by Gilbert Carey

In 2019 almost one quarter (23%) of new products coming to the market in the UK were labelled vegan. This represents an increase from 2018 where 16% of new products introduced in the UK were vegan. Last year the UK overtook Germany as the world’s largest producer of vegan products.

This research was undertaken by Mintel, a leading UK based research firm.

Mintel also found that sales of meat-free foods in the region grew by an impressive 40 percent from £582 million ($765 million) in 2014 to an approximately £816 million ($941 million) in 2019. Given the current trends, It predicts that sales of meatless foods in the UK will reach upwards of £1.1 billion ($1.5 billion) by 2024.

Kate Vlietstra, Mintel Global Food & Drink Analyst, reported “Gen Z consumers (aged 16-24) are leading the charge here, with over half (54 percent) of [people] under 25 seeing the reduction of animal products as a good way to lessen humans’ impact on the environment”  Additionally, “Television documentaries, news coverage, and celebrity influencers have all contributed to the growing concern about the impact of meat consumption on the environment. However, there is scope for meat-free brands to be more vocal about their environmental credentials. Creating a USP in holistic ‘green’ credentials which must include environmentally-friendly packaging, can create a compelling point of differentiation”

Finally, Mintel reported that there is a strong feel good factor with switching from meat to plant based products. 85% of consumers who have actively reduced or limited their use of meat in the last 6 months made them ‘feel good’.