Planet Arborist

Vegconomist highlights Planet Arborist in the growth of alternative Protein Market

  • June 28, 2020
  • by John Creaton

Vegconomist is a leading business publication for the vegan sector. It reports on current developments in enterprises, organisations and trade as well as products, trends and markets.

It reports that in 2019 there was a record $824M invested in alternative protein companies and that number rose to an impressive $930M invested in just the first quarter of this year. SPINS data showed that plant-based meat retail sales grew to $939 million last year.

Over all in the US dollar sales of plant-based foods grew 11% in the past year and 29% over the past two years. Comparatively, total U.S. retail food dollar sales grew just 2% over the past year and 4% over the past two years.

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Plant based protein sector sees impressive growth in 2020