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What is the environmental impact of fashion?

  • March 18, 2020
  • by Gilbert Carey

Our Fashion Choices are Important

Every product we purchase sends a valuable signal to producers and retailers. Consumers play a vital role in defining what is acceptable. There are many ways to determine whether a product has been produced sustainably by looking at the materials used in production.

The Impact on the Environment

In our research we came across a from WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme), which presents some stark findings – the footprint for an average family’s newly bought clothing, including washing and cleaning is estimated at: –

  • water needed to fill over 1,000 bathtubs
  • weight of over 100 pairs of jeans
  • carbon emissions from driving an average car for 6,000 miles
The report covers in some detail how you can help by:
  • buy clothes with lower impact fibres
  • extend the useful life of clothes
  • increase your use of pre-owned, re-usable clothing
  • reduce laundry impacts
  • keep clothes out of landfill

Please find the report here