Planet Arborist

Energy & Environment

Greener transport and more sustainable energy creation closer to the point of use is needed. Many innovative financial solutions and existing technologies are adaptable to quickly reduce our carbon footprint. Green economy research is now introducing exciting new and viable solutions. 

For example in the UK five times more people are killed by air pollution than in road accidents with the two most lethal pollutants being Nitrous Oxide (NO2) and the small particles emitted.

A computer carbon footprint can range up to 800kg with 60-100g being used per hour when in use.  We need greener production of our devices as well as much more efficient day to day operational energy use. 

Company profiles

Green electronics, Alternative energy, Green Digital, Manufacturing, Packaging, Containers, Delivery, Transport efficiency, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plastic Reduction, Plastic Alternatives, Clean Tech, Carbon Capture, Design, Construction, Pet Care, Retail



Investment Range

Min 5m ($/€/£)