Planet Arborist

Food & Beverage

Challenges and Opportunities 

At the current rate of population growth we will not be able to sustain ourselves or the planet if we don’t change how we eat.

The combined effect of CO2 and CO2 equivalent gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and many fluorinated gases are responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere much of which is produced by livestock agriculture.

Agriculture is a huge contributor of CO2e. However, that contribution can be reduced by re-balancing the land for plant-based diets and more sustainable materials.

Plant-based diets have benefits for our health and can help restore the natural resources of the planet.

Company profiles

Food Tech, AgTech, 3D Tech, Bio Technology, Food Processing, Organic, Consumer,  Alternative Protein, Fermentation, Wine And Spirits, Manufacturing, Water, Food Delivery, DTC, Retail.



Investment Range

Min 5m ($/€/£)