Planet Arborist

John is CEO and co-founder of Planet Arborist.
John has spent over 25 thoroughly enjoyable years in trading and capital markets investment banking. Gilbert and John are school friends with time overlaps while living in the US, Asia and Europe. Together with James, we apply many years of experience and know how to make investment funding easier for sustainability focused producers and investors. John and family have been plant-based for nearly 30 years.
One of the finest pleasures is to work with principled, creative, competent and empathetic individuals who are driving future change. That is most days and there is nothing else we would rather be doing.

What is your favourite quote?

Sukoshi zutsu – Japanese for ‘Little by little’

What are your Desert Island ‘must have’ items?

A fermentation bucket, a solar powered blender and my guitar.


• The Daily – New York Times
• Today in Focus – The Guardian
• Freakonomics

Are you a bit of a control freak?

Are you sure that is the question you should be asking?


My productivity would sky rocket if I could just learn how to touch type